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Welcome to my Jokes.


                                       Here is what I have so far.    Click  --   Read  --  Laugh


                   Jokes Page  1        The Husband Store  and  Blondes

                   Jokes Page  2        The Heir  and  Penis Pay Raise

                   Jokes Page  3        Shopping at WALMART  and  Mexican Oysters

                   Jokes Page  4        Nymphomaniacs Convention and The Divorce Hearing

                   Jokes Page  5        Scam Alert at Home Depot  and  What Retired People Do

                   Jokes Page  6        Dream Man  and  Skinny Dipping

                   Jokes Page  7        The Honeymoon  and  Gifts for the Teacher

                   Jokes Page  8        In Sickness and in Health  and  The Barber

                   Jokes Page  9        Genie in a Bottle  and  A Little Flab

                   Jokes Page 10       Bob  and  20th Anniversary

                   Jokes Page 11       Marriage Counseling  and  Elder Sex Therapy

                   Jokes Page 12       How to Shower Like a Woman  and  How to Shower Like a Man

                   Jokes Page 13       And that's when the fight started...  and  Have You Ever Danced ?

                   Jokes Page 14       What a Woman wants in a man -- revised every 10 years

                   Jokes Page 15       How's Your Day Going ?  and  Men are Seldom Depressed

                   Jokes Page 16       376 One Liners (This will take some time)


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