Why Not National Health Care ?

A Solution to Our Nation's Health Care Problem

Everyone is Covered

Better than Europe and Canada
Free Enterprise and Competition are Preserved

HERE IS MY PROPOSAL:  A private insurance based National Health Care System covering everyone.  It retains personal choice, competition and free enterprise.   This is how it would work:

Every legal resident of the United States is issued a health insurance voucher worth, let's say, $8,000 per year.  This is every person of every age that is legally residing in the United States.  All policies are individual policies.  It includes homeless persons to wealthy persons.  The same voucher amount applies to everyone.  As for tourists, business visitors, foreign students and guest workers: These individuals must prove they are insured by an approved plan as a condition of entering our country.  Short term plans can be sold at entry airports or border crossings to those not possessing proper coverage from their home nation.  

Vouchers may be used only to pay the premiums for approved private health insurance plans.  They possess no other redemption value.  Only approved health insurance plans can redeem vouchers with the U.S. Treasury. 

Approved private health insurance plans compete for business based on their reputation for service and price.  To achieve competition based on price and value, plans may charge less than the full voucher value and/or offer more coverage than the required minimum.  To prevent premiums from automatically equaling voucher value and to encourage price competition, policy holders will receive a rebate of one-half the amount their voucher is redeemed less than its face value.


§       Every person legally in our country can pay for reputable health insurance.  Even the homeless man living under a bridge.  No one goes without medical care.  No one.

§       The insurance pool will include healthy young people that do not now buy insurance, thus lowering insurance premiums.  In essence, our entire population becomes the insurance pool. The problem of healthy young people forgoing this expense at the expense of those that pay will be resolved.

§       People have freedom of choice with respect to the providers they use and the health insurance company from which they buy their policy.

§       All legal residents have the same minimum standard of extensive health care available to them.

§       No one goes bankrupt because they have the misfortune of being genetically disposed to some condition, getting a rare illness or being in an accident.

§       Any person seeking medical care without proof of insurance is either illegally in the U.S. or has, stupidly, not obtained health insurance to which they are entitled.

§       As now, health care providers will have to compete for patients through advertised promises, reputation and price.  As now, providers must satisfy patients and insurance companies or else they will fail to prosper.

§       The government will not be involved in the claims and payment process.  Through the natural incentive of profit motive, fraudulent claims will be identified and dealt with much better by insurance companies than salaried government employees and contractors.  Governments’ costs to administer health care programs will be reduced.  The role of the Federal Government will be to identify eligibility, issue/redeem vouchers and enforce honesty standards on insurance companies. 

§       No employer will need to offer health insurance benefits for employees and retirees.  Pension plans that do, will no longer need to include a lifetime health care benefit.

§       The prices of private employers' goods and services will tend to be lower or their profits will be higher.

§       Lower prices will create increased U.S. competitiveness in world markets against countries that have national health care.

§       Increased profits will increase income tax revenue.

§       People will not be trapped in jobs and locations because their current employer provides a health care benefit.

§       More people will start their own businesses -- doing what they really want.

§       There will be one less "stress" to trigger personal finance or mental health problems.

§       Consideration of Government requirements for employer health coverage will be eliminated from employer hiring practices.

§       Illegal immigrants will be identified when seeking health care.  They will be deterred from coming into the U.S. with the knowledge that no health care will be available without detection.

§       Wanted persons and visa holders that have overstayed will raise suspicion when they seek health care without insurance.

§       The health care industry (providers, suppliers, education, insurers) will boom and become a major segment of the economy.  The vast number of people working in health care should create a much greater awareness of medical problems and causes – leading to a healthier populace.

§       Underserved areas will attract medical providers because the residents can pay for care.





 ·        First and foremost: Let's realize that those now making payments for health insurance and care are already paying for the non-payers.  It is buried in the higher health care prices paid by those who actually pay.  This plan will eliminate non-payers, reducing the bad debt expense and lowering costs.

     ·        Increased profits by American businesses will produce increased tax revenue.

 ·        The itemized deduction for medical care will be eliminated -- increasing tax revenue.

 ·        MEDICARE and MEDICAID will be eliminated -- and, thus, those annual outlays and costs of operation.  Workers and employers will no longer have the 1.45% payroll deduction and employer contribution respectively.  ( 2.9% of all gross employment earnings in the United States. )   This will further increase profits and taxable income.

·        Retirees on Medicare Part B will no longer have monthly premiums of $110 and higher. 

 ·        Employer contributions toward employee & retiree health insurance premiums will not be needed.  This will further increase profits and taxable income.  For public employees, this cost will be eliminated from Government budgets. 

 ·        Eliminate funding to the Veterans Administration for medical care.  VA will be reimbursed by the patients' insurance plans as would a private provider.  An augmentation for treatment of wounded warriors would be an appropriate Federal budget item.

 ·        Eliminate funding to Military Medical facilities for care provided to non active duty personnel (dependents and retirees).  When non active duty patients are served (e.g., at remote locations and in emergencies), reimbursement will be obtained from these patients' insurance plans.

 ·        Eliminate funding to prisons for medical care of incarcerated persons.  When these patients are served, reimbursement will be obtained from the patients' insurance plans.  (If a prisoner escapes, their health insurance cannot be renewed or used without detection.)

·           This plan eliminates the main causes for the poor perception of "National Health Care" in other countries.   This plan eliminates the "single-payer system" because the Government does not process claims or make payments.  Instead of worrying about reducing costs, the Government becomes a citizens' advocate against companies that wrongly deny claims.  This plan eliminates loss of patient choice as an objection.  This plan eliminates absence of competition as an objection, thus preserving the higher quality of products and services that free enterprise produces. 

·           Admittedly, this plan would create a situation that many object to; namely, the national identification of everybody.  But, think about it:  Would this be so bad ?  Don't we already have Social Security Numbers ?  Aren't there some advantages to this ?   Law enforcement, voting honesty, etc.   I have no objection to being identifiable.  What kind of people object to being identified ?  Answer: the very people that ought to be identified.  Is this such a high price to pay for a high level of civilization ?

·           The number of government payments to redeem vouchers from insurance plans will millions fewer than the number of claims for individual episodes of care.  Due to this smaller number, claims would be less susceptible to undetectable fraud as is currently the case with MEDICARE and MEDICAID.  The insurance companies will run anti-fraud programs with respect to their claims.


If we are really the nation of Big Thinkers and Big Doers we claim to be, ……….. WHY NOT ?