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Ken Green


Ken Green ( 1945 - Not Dead Yet ) is not wired for self-promotion.   I am retired and live in beautiful North Alabama after a 35+ year career as a naval officer and internal auditor for the U.S. Department of Defense.  I grew up in Alabama and graduated from the University of Alabama .  Enough about me.   Have you noticed that most author biographies are written in the third person but are obviously composed by the authors themselves ?   Isn't this a bit odd ?   But that's marketing these days.   It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: "Everything in America is hype.

The name INFOCHASE suits the gratification I have always received from seeking out new information.  I relish looking into new and interesting facts and out-of-the-box outlooks on things.   I like to "bust" commonly held beliefs that are untrue.  Thus, another favorite quote: "Don't be limited by your eyesight."  This is the theme I hope to translate into interesting reading.

Being practical and frugal-minded, I staunchly endorse the eBook medium.  eBooks are readable by anyone with a personal computer and on the Barnes and Noble NOOK, Amazon's Kindle, Android Tablets, Smart Phones, etc).   For readers, eBooks make reading convenient and cheap -- or it should.   I feel eBooks should cost much less than print copies.   After all; eBooks cut out the costs of paper, printing, distribution, trip to the store, publisher's profit and the price-elevating allowance for overstocking and unsold copies.   The eBook medium permits more use of color photos at no additional cost.   And eBooks are "Green".   While these savings should be passed on to purchasers, they often are not.   It seems to me that some eBook pricing is almost as high as print prices.  This is not the case for my work.   I aim at prices from FREE to $3.99.

Please bookmark this location and check back for new titles and works in progress.  Please email me at with your comments.


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I sell my eBooks through the following online sources.  My FREE offerings are downloadable instantly from this site.  You can click on the logos below and go to the online retail sites -- landing on my books.  ( The book-specific links are also located at the end of each sample. )


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